Technology can improve the health of Latinos with diabetes. One example of how technology can help your diabetes is an online program that collects and shares information with you and your doctor. Latinos with type 2 diabetes improved their health by using this online tool along with visits from a diabetes nurse over six months.

Type 2 diabetes is growing and currently affects 29.1 million people living in the United States. Many people with type 2 diabetes are not managing their diabetes well, which can lead to serious complications. This study uses an online-based diabetes management tool to see if it could improve the health of Latinos with type 2 diabetes. The program includes five in-person visits with a bilingual diabetes nurse/dietician spread out across 6 months. During these visits, the nurse uses the online diabetes dashboard tool to collect and share information with the patients and their doctors. The online tool includes the following: clinical alerts and reminders, complication risk profile, nutrition information, physical activity treatment plan, clinical reports from your doctors (including recommendations for changes in medication), and diabetes education teaching resources.

Overall, this program did improve diabetes-related health outcomes among Latinos with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes compared with those without access to the program. For example, there was less diabetes distress and social distress among the participants in the program compared with the group who didn’t go through the program. The program also improved participant’s HbA1c levels. The diabetes tool helped organize the diabetes education team and create next steps for the patients while also keeping the doctors up to date.